Finding a Great Painter for your home?

Finding a Great Painter for your home?

Are you looking for a painter who does great work , offers great advice, works according to your financials & is Trustworthy? Where would you start from?

Well, Most of us begin by asking friends for recommendations. But not me…I had a talk with a few professional painting companies & endlessly pestered them until I found that special one who is willing to help me write this Expert Guide to Finding a Great House Painter for Your Home.

Hopefully, this conversation between me and KreativeDesign Group will help you in making the decision.

Kreative Design Group : You might be surprised but taking recommendations from friends is not the only and the best possible way to find a professional, you need to do 3 simple things that will help you in saving a lot of time as well as money.

1) Search for a professional on Google, you can look up the recommended one you got from a friend.Finalise 3 professionals with more than 4.5 stars rating on a list.

2) Share your plans for the house, ask them all your questions and ask for a general price, see if they are patient, helpful. If the guy is rude before you close the deal, he will be even worse after he starts. So, get a helpful contractor for better customer service.

3) Ask them to come to your house to give you a quote and the final price before closing the deal. Ask these things…..Does the price include all the costs like paint and labor? When will you finish & other related questions.

Having the answers to these questions will save you a lot of trouble and time. Once you have decided that you have found the right house painter for you, pay an advance and never the full price, an advance could be around 25% from the total quote.

KreativeDesign Group : If you have a small house or apartment, the house painter could give his honest advice on which colour and finish you should go for as they have experience and they know what’s in trend and what should go well with your house style. On the other hand,if you have a big house to paint, and you have the money for a designer, I would honestly say go for it.

KreativeDesign Group : Priming the wall means lot of work. When you ask the contractor you hire, he might give you a different answer depending on your mode of payment as

If the payment is hourly, he will recommend it just because you will pay more for the extra hours.

If you pay a flat price for the job, he will not recommend it.

All-in-One will be a bit more expensive but fine. You may use a primer if the wall is highly porous, but for regular good condition interior walls, it’s not needed at all.

KreativeDesign Group : Good Question…So when you get the quotes just see who offers the best. If you get a very cheap bid and it includes the paint, the labor and good customer service, just go for it. Just take the one who offers a fair price and includes it all inside

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