Things to know before hiring Roofer

Things to know before hiring Roofer

Most of the us hunt for a roofing company either by asking from friends or by searching on Google. Having referrals and searching online, we are totally left confused. If we call a company then the sales team attends the call and their focus is on sale rather than answering questions.

Luckily for us, the fine professionals at Kreative Design Group willingly answered all of my many questions about residential roofing and roofer. Fortunately, their answers will help you make the best possible choice of roofing contractor.

KreativeDesign Group : Very important. Finding a reputable company that has been around for years and built a community presence speaks for itself.

KreativeDesign Group : In our experience, we do acknowledge that homeowners ask for references. With that said we have quite a large platform of where homeowners can find our work. Our website, social media, lawn signs on current projects, Brochures, as well as our estimators who have access to a large database of images/videos of our past work which can be shared with homeowners directly upon request.

KreativeDesign Group : Of course. We find the majority of our customers do check in with review websites to get an idea of our reputation which I think is typical. We do think it is definitely possible for fake reviews to exist especially on websites that require just a star or number rating. However, we have multiple platforms where homeowners can view very detailed written responses/reviews of past customers’ experiences with us.

KreativeDesign Group : On average a roofing project will take one full day. Of course, larger homes may take longer depending on square footage, pitch, etc.

KreativeDesign Group : Yes we install drip edge. It is important so rainwater will run smoothly into the eavestrough instead of potentially running down in behind the trough potentially damaging the siding, of the home. We want to make sure the rest of the home is fully protected from the elements as well.

As you understand, having experience of number of years by KreativeDesign Group they have professionals in their touch who can work on your roofing.

You can reach to them on or call on 778 316 3910

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